Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Blessings of Being an Aunt

First, my little sister is an awesome blogger, and I love reading her blog. Makes me realize just how quiet and dull my life can be at times. I love to sit in both of my sister's homes and just listen to the sounds of laughter, mischief, kindness, and love. In my youngest sisters home, utter chaos seems to reign supreme at times. With 8 children, 9 and under, and a big chocolate lab pup that thinks that she is one of the kids and that she should sit on your lap too, how could it not?
But it is the most organized chaos that I have ever seen!
The other day, I had a rare opportunity to visit them and, as I sat and played with the kids I watched them. There were several times, while playing, that Hannah (2) would get iritated with Maggie (1) and move her away from what she was playing with, or move Maggie out of her way. Later, as I sat in their back doorway, watching them play in the yard, Maggie ran over to where there was a lot of cold icky mud. Since I had the baby in my arms and the 75 lb lab on my lap, I couldn't move very quickly and I asked Hannah to get her sister. Looking at me with a very serious expression on her face she said, "She is to heavy for me to move. I am too yittle". HA!
I have to say, that while the Lord has blessed me with the gift of being a mother, and having two wonderful boys of my own, he has also blessed me with the gift of being an aunt to 10 truly amazing little people, which are an unending source of pleasure, entertainment, and love, and I am so greatful that I have two sisters that allow me to enjoy their children.

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Yay! You did it!!!!
I especially love you topic!!!!